An Exploration of Goth and Goth Adjacent Cultural Artifacts from an Irreverent Reverend

Gordotronic is comin’ to town

By town I mean Georgetown

I’m planning to go up the I-5 corridor 90 minutes to see Gordon. (If that seems like a long time to you, I grew up on the west end of the Olympic Peninsula. Long travel times are normal out there.)

If you are a Washingtonian, you should come too. It’s at Fantagraphic Bookstore in the Georgetown neighborhood in south Seattle. (see map below)

(I already bugged him about Portland, but a certain well known bookstore needs at least 6 months notice…)

Has his life in England soften him up since leaving the wilds of the PNW? Will he be too proper to handle an ax or a chainsaw? Has he sworn allegiance to King Charles, neglecting the majesty of Mt. Rainier? Let’s find out, shall we?

There will be another gig the following Thursday in Los Angeles. I’ll try to send my bestie on over. If you see a huge smile and hear “Do you know Vangie?”, that’s her. (Love you, T).

Hmmm, maybe next time I’ll convince him to mess around on my church’s half busted pipe organ…Centralia might not be hip, but the grittiness can be intriguing.

On a personal note….

Well, dear reader, I’m full of intentions. I have much to write for this blog. However, my neurodivergence makes it take awhile to sit and write. I basically write essays every week and perform them as sermons. It’s hard to find energy after that.

I do have more to come. Don’t worry! I just ask for your patience.

I will be seeing the bands Vision Video and Urban Heat this Fall, which I am absolutely looking forward to. Stay tuned!

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