An Exploration of Goth and Goth Adjacent Cultural Artifacts from an Irreverent Reverend

About the Reverend Evangeline

ND. Leftist. Xennial. Seattle Swede. United Methodist pastor. Listens to a lot of Depeche Mode, New Order, Siouxie and the Banshees, the Cure, etc… Currently obsessed with Urban Heat.

Doc Martins and flannel–I was a teenager in the ’90s in Western WA.

Music saved my life. This is not hyperbole. Here, in this Great Unveiling, the time is now to create and lift up quality music and Sonic Creators.

Hi, I’m the Reverend Evangeline. AKA Pastor Vangie. AKA postpunkpastor.

I’m a neurodivergent leftist pastor in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m a licensed local pastor in the United Methodist Church and a candidate for ordination as an elder in full connection. I’m a part of the movement Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) which affirms and celebrates sexual orientation and gender identities of all kinds.

Spirituality must liberate not oppress. I began “deconstructing” Christianity almost 15 years ago. Postcolonial Theology showed me veins of the Christian faith by the marginalized, for the marginalized. Studying Jesus pushed me to the left. Christian Nationalism is evil and is a tool of Capitalist Empire. The Jesus I try to follow opposes such empires.

The only conversion I ask from you is to not be an asshole.

I’m working on being a better intersectional feminist. Trans women are women. All lives can’t matter unless Black Lives Matter.

I’m a Seattle Swede. No really, my family is in the book.

I couldn’t finish the first Twilight book. Ironically, I grew up in Forks, WA. (I even remember the words to the alma mater). Class of ’95.

While in seminary, I studied a lot about music and spirituality. More specifically, the intersection of pneumatology (study of the Holy Spirit (the Divine Feminine part of the Triune God), music (Classical, Rock, and Electronic), a little psychology, and embodiment. My graduating thesis was on the origins of Electronic Music and what the United Methodist Church can learn from it. (I know, specific, isn’t it?)

I love discovering, exploring, and talking about music. Especially, of course, post-punk and various goth bands. I gravitate toward music with synthesizer in it. I don’t get to see live shows much, but that needs to change!

I have much more to explore with music and spirituality. I keep making connections with various musicians and even a producer. I’m not sur where Spirit is leading me, but I know that I need to:

  • Bring awareness to music and musicians that speak to me;
  • Be open to what they have to teach;
  • Learn from other expressions of spirituality;
  • Lift up music makers;
  • Curate and foster connections.

Our country is in a horrible state right now. In the midst of the tragedy and horror, we desperately need music and art now. Again, this is not hyperbole: Music saves lives.

Depeche Mode has been my favorite band for over 30 years. I still have a “Songs of Faith and Devotion” shirt from the early ’90s. It has holes, but I’m never getting rid of it.

Synthesizer is my favorite instrument.

I feel most comfortable around artists, historically marginalized groups, and Alt folk. I’m often the token Christian friend. As one queer artist friend says, “I’m friends with Vangie. She’s a Christian and doesn’t judge”.

Though I teach (and preach) a lot, I try to approach people and subjects as a student. I encourage people to “live in the questions” and not leave your brain at the door. It’s an honor to learn from you!

So, what are you listening to lately?


Past Experiences

Board member of Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op
I was the treasurer. I love co-operatives. I was a working member of Olympia Food Co-op in the early ’00s. While I was pastoring in North Okanogan county in Washington State, I discovered this little gem.

I was a proud “marketeer” (a person who works at Pike Place Market). I worked 5 years at the heritage store of Seattle’s Best Coffee under the famous neon red mug. I worked there until the closing of the store in 2012. The following 5 years I worked at 2 different Starbucks in Seattle.

Campus Minister at The Evergreen State College
I worked for the Christian group on campus. We were “deconstructing” before we had a name for it. Evergreen is a little hippie school in Olympia, WA. I’m a proud graduate.

Teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Budapest, Hungary (2003-3004)
I taught English at a high school focusing on tourism and food service: Gundel Károly Vendéglátó és Turisztikai Technikum.

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