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Losing Fletch and Unnecessary Massacre

The trauma reverberates.

Last week, I featured the band Urban Heat. This week, after the Texas school massacre, they shared their song that came out a couple years ago. They recently shared that they hate that this song is still relevant.

The earnest urgency in Horstmann’s voice…
You wanna find your place,
You wanna make your mark
With that gun in your hand?
You wanna shine a light,
Shine a light in the dark
With that gun in your hand
There's no way you will mistake
That awful sound
Say Your Prayers. Hold your breath
And put your guns on the ground
Let's put our guns on the ground

Andy “Fletch” Fletcher (1961-2022)

Depeche Mode is my absolute favorite band.

I could go deep, but that will have to be another day, and be parceled out.

I would not be here if it weren’t for Depeche Mode. Music literally saves lives.

Here he is about 9 years ago letting loose.

3 synthesizers!

As you probably know by now, the synth is my favorite instrument. Fletch was extremely influential with synthesizer in music since the 1980’s.

One good example is the following song from Music for the Masses (1987).

He’s taking a ride with his best friend.

Rest in Peace, Fletch. I hope you know that you saved many lives. (Again, not an exaggeration.)

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