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New (old) [timeless] discovery: Chandra

A 12 year-old girl makes something remarkable….in 1980!

When I was 12, I was still listening to New Kids on the Block. (Don’t judge!)

Where were you in 1980? Were you alive yet? I was 3 years old, wore pigtails and plastic Goody barrettes, and loved my Winnie the Pooh dress.

In the meantime, my favorite music was emerging, though it would be some time before I discovered it.

I was just made aware of Chandra. 12 years old in 1980, the daughter of an artists, she wrote lyrics and fronted a postpunk band.

A 12 year old girl being unapologetically herself? How can you not love this?

I listened to the EP on Youtube. This reminds me of some of the Riot Grrrl stuff from the ’90s.

It’s fun. It’s real. A 12 year old girl being allowed to fully express herself and who she is in 1980 was rare. I truly hope girls can discover stuff like this again, to claim their space unapologetically, and be encouraged in their creativity. What a difference that would make in the world.

You can read more of the story on the Dangerous Minds website.

Much thanks to Rickenbacker4001 on TikTok for bringing Chandra to our attention.

Now allow yourself 15 minutes of your time to listen to Chandra. (Her album on YouTube is above is right there waiting for you to click on it.)

So, what do you think?


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