An Exploration of Goth and Goth Adjacent Cultural Artifacts from an Irreverent Reverend

Wash off your brother’s blood

In older church traditions, Easter is a season. This year it goes until the end of May. Intentionally living in seasons allow us to be more in tune with the flow of the earth, the stars, and the moon.

One of my seminary colleagues shared this. The Way of Jesus is about liberation. Christianity has a lot of problems ever since Constantine legalized it. Ever since, those who colonize use “Christianity” as a tool of suppression, not liberation.

In our country, Christian Nationalism emerges to show a “Jesus” that looks nothing like Jesus in the New Testament. Their morality is skewed toward maintaining power instead of giving away power to the “least of these”.

And so, we who occupy places of power and claim to follow Jesus must decide which Jesus to follow.

I’ll follow the brown skinned Mediterranean Jew who would like be seen as a communist today.

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