An Exploration of Goth and Goth Adjacent Cultural Artifacts from an Irreverent Reverend

This is for me.

This space is for exploring what I love.

Perhaps it will be helpful or of interest to some. Frankly (Mr. Shankly) I need a space of creativity and exploration of the unusual intersections of my identity. I’m on a journey to embrace more of who I am.

I’m goth.

Maybe that surprises you, considering I’m a United Methodist Pastor.

I don’t always present aesthetically as goth. I struggle with eye makeup, especially eyeliner.

Goth is a music based subculture. Post-Punk is a broad category associated with goth, synthpop, dark wave, and other subgenres.

This is the music that carried me and comforted me since my youth.

Returning to my hometown last year to say goodbye to my father, Awfully Sinister’s playlists on Spotify soothed my spirit.

This music allows people to have sad, depressing, and mournful emotions. It also finds beauty in unusual and dark places. (However, there are some downright celebratory, joyful songs. Even the Cure has some rather upbeat pop songs!)

This blog will be an exploration of music, art, fashion and intersections of my vein of spirituality in the realm of goth, postpunk, punk, and some grunge. (I was a teenager in the ’90s in Western Washington State…it comes with the territory).

More to come!

Flannel shirt because it’s a Washington State staple. Doc Martins, purple hair, and the celestial images I’ve loved since the 90s.

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